Christchurch earthquake

When the grounds shook during the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes in New Zealand, Beca was right there alongside its clients and community. Beca’s Christchurch premises were in no longer occupy-able, and it would take six years in temporary accommodation before it re-joined the heart of the city in a building that they helped create – the ANZ Centre. 


Along with many others, the profession collectively helped to rebuild and protect structures, equipment and infrastructure in Christchurch from future disaster. Low damage design, base isolation, resilient infrastructure – implementing these in ways that hadn’t been used widely before. And adopting green building design and technologies that reduce operating and environmental costs over their lifetime.  


‘In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, through an experience so challenging that no one could ever have imagined, colleagues became friends, substitute families and counsellors, providing the basics of shelter, water, showers, transport and food for each other in the immediate aftermath.’

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