Celebrating 100 years!

For a hundred years now, people all over the Asia Pacific region have been benefiting from the work Beca has done to make everyday better. Whether you’re flying into airports in Australia, Singapore or New Zealand, travelling over bridges such as Auckland Harbour Bridge, through the Waterview Connection, or looking out the window at iconic structures such as Duo or Marina Bay in Singapore, Macau Tower in Macau or Auckland’s Sky Tower, Beca has been involved.


Chances are Beca has also had some role in your everyday life – from switching on a light, pouring a glass of water to having a cold beer at the end of the day – Beca is working every day on less visible infrastructure and essential services.


“As we celebrate our past century, we look forward to innovating the next by redefining expectations, finding solutions and disrupting old models using smart thinking.”


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